Company Profile

Founded in 1987, it is a professional production Medium-sized crushing, sand-making and milling equipment, research, production and sales Industry, under the jurisdiction of a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries. The company headquarters is located in Zheng where tradition and innovation blend State High-tech Industrial Development Zone, with an area of 80,000 square meters, is located on the street. The Mechanical Equipment Industrial Park covers an area of 67,000 square meters. For 30 years, the company has been adhering to the modern enterprise Scientific management mode, precision manufacturing, forging ahead, pioneering and innovative, rapid rise to become Large domestic machinery manufacturing brand.

Adhere to the implementation of the core of improving product competitiveness Research and development strategy, based on scientific research, technological progress, technological improvement, and "production, learning, research" The three-in-one combination is the main line, relying on a strong scientific research team, pioneering and innovating, and aiming at the industry's technology At the forefront of technology, we will continuously improve the overall technological innovation capability of enterprises.

Has a modern production base of 00000 square meters and various advanced production and processing equipment More than 150 sets. Relying on the two major production bases in Zhengzhou and Xingyang, fully implement the International Machining Process standards, with a series of high-end production equipment, a strong equipment production line has been established, with strong Production capacity and high technological level. There is a modern production workshop, machining, installation The trinity of distribution and warehouse; there are advanced production equipment here, and the rare 6.3-meter vertical car is our The epitome of strong production strength.

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